TV MEME: Day 23 – Most annoying character

Rodney McKay. I– everything that’s terrible about cishet white males and how writers use a character to play out there own asshole nerd power fantasies are condensed into Rodney. Once, a long long time ago, I was fine with Rodney then as SGA went on and on I couldn’t help but get more annoyed by him and how obviously the writer and TPTB were favouring him and building in him up to the detriment of the other characters and story.

Anyway. He doesn’t deserve any more of my time.

TV MEME: Day 23 – Most annoying character

TV MEME: Day 22 – Favorite series finale

I feel I always give double answers to these questions, but, well I don’t really care, but also it’s because my thought process starts outs answering the question but I gotta give y’all context (all I dunno, ten of you, I’m rounding up) of how I got there. Also I’m always at war with the objective vs subjective part of me, because I know what my answers for both are. I could just be objective or I could be subjective, and I think I should just be subjective for all of these, but hey, this is my silly blog. I do what I want.

So I was really thinking about this for a couple days because it’s a pretty epic question. Series finale. Favourite. These are the things that can define a show. My first thought was the Lost finale. It was so iconic. I woke up at 5am UK time to catch it with the rest of the world because television did something they never have done before for a show, as far as I know, and aired it at the same time worldwide.

I had an off/on relationship with the show on the whole for various reasons, but the finale will always stand out to me. I know it’s an incredibly polarising finale, most finales are, but I personally loved it. I think it did the show right. It gave the characters the ending they deserved whether you agreed with them or not. Lost was always about the characters and the mystery that surrounded them, the connections that defined them, so that it ended highlighting all the connections they had built on the Island while keeping part of the mystery going in its own way was okay with me.

I’ll never forget what it felt like to Juliet and Sawyer meet at the vending machine (my heart swelled), how it felt to watch Vincent lie down next to Jack (tears fell), to watch Desmond and Penny live happily ever after (pure joy!), watch Ben talk to Hurley about it was still not his time to join them inside (bittersweet understanding). In the end for all the mystery of what the Island was (weird, magical, and real) or wasn’t (not purgatory!) and what Sideways verse was (a limbo of sorts), the point was: they were places that made it so these people could meet each other and define each other’s lives by the experiences they all shared. It was an incredibly emotional finale. I’m telling you, TEARS WERE SHED. And in many ways it is a favourite, but it’s not The Favourite.

My favourite finale is the Ugly Betty one. It’s a beautifully done finale in a completely different way than the Lost one was done. Like Lost’s it allowed the show truly end on its own terms and highlight the theme of the show: how the world around Betty viewed her.

Ugly Betty was never about the fact Betty was ugly. It was about how because she didn’t conform to what was expected of her the world view her as ugly, or more to the point, unappealing, but that didn’t matter to her and she never wavered from who she was. IN a show with “ugly” in the title you expect a story about a character finding their inner beauty and it eventually transforming into outer beauty. Not here. Betty never got a “makeover” like you expected. She became a little more put together, yes, styled her hair a bit better, got new glasses, go her braces off, and in sum grew up a bit. None of these were big changes or were they framed as big changes on the show. They happened organically as they do in life.

By the end she was still as optimistic as ever, determined as ever, still wore mismatched clothes albeit a bit better styled, was unwaveringly kind and supportive, still made “unappealing” choices, but she preserved. She didn’t compromise her morals and eventually people respected her. She changed the way people thought of her not herself for them. The world around her was ugly, the irony she worked for a fashion company should not be dismissed, and it projected itself on her because she was very unlike them. What they viewed as “ugly/unappealing” she viewed as lovely, good, and beautiful. So when the end credits role and the usual “Ugly Betty” becomes “Betty” is a beautiful moment because it’s showcasing how she’s changed the world around her. Betty dismantled the misconceptions about her because of how she dressed and acted and the epithet people described her by is no longer valid. She’s not a description. She’s a person, she always was, the world around her just needed to catch up and drop it’s concept of what was beautiful or not. Betty’s whole journey and the show’s journey was about driving that home. Because the show loved Betty and it wanted you to look at the word ugly and not see it.

and the Lost finale in case anyone wants to cry (I teared up already):

TV MEME: Day 22 – Favorite series finale

TV MEME: Day 21 – Favorite ship

I know, I know, I’ve been slacking. I had a couple good weeks when I managed to get posts out fairly timely, and now I’m like… shit, I forgot the meme. Which my bad, my schedule is terrible. Anyway, I was thinking about this and to be honest, my answer is John/Aeryn from Farscape. I kinda didn’t want to say them, because they were the answer to my best kiss day, but like, the facts are facts. They are one of the best, if not the best, written ship I’ve had the chance to watch on tv. They meet in an impossible and improbably situation, they go through a lot of crap, they have to learn to each other, about each other, and all this is done with the central knowledge that they are incredibly attracted to each other from almost their first scene and really care about each other. Both of them go through incredibly journeys, always inverted journeys, because while they both grow, learn, suffer, and persevere, John’s journey is incredibly emotionally and mentally taxing. He becomes a more cynical man, still open and loving, but he carries his struggles with him and they become a part of him, while Aeryn’s growth and changes unshackle her from her life before. Her struggles define her in a different way than they do John. There’s a reason why she’s called the “radiant” Aeryn Sun.

Together, they go through so much, and their connection only grows. They have honesty one of the best, complex, and essentially romantic stories I’ve seen on tv. But they had the best kiss day, so I wanted to with my second favorite ship, which I think would Desmond/Penny or Juliet/Sawyer from Lost. I could write a bit on either, but I think I just told you why John/Aeryn actually are my favourite ship. 😉


TV MEME: Day 21 – Favorite ship

TV MEME: Day 20 – Favorite kiss

I should just link a compilation of every kiss John/Aeryn ever shared on Farscape. Every kiss they shared was beautiful, had a purpose (especially in the earlier seasons), and always were a little bit epic. Ben Browder and Claudia Black’s easy chemistry was palpable in all their scenes, but man, they are some of the best kissers I’ve ever witness in tv and film. Literally a masterclass in how to play two characters in love.

Out of all their kisses, my favourite it the one in “Look At The Princess: Part One”. It’s not one of their more iconic ones, but I think it’s wonderful because they’re in a place of having already shared several intimate moments but are still trying to understand who they are to each other. But also, they can’t help themselves and their attraction to each other. It’s great stuff all around.

Second fave: “A Human Reaction.” They were both in place of grief and struggling with what do next. In the aftermath they found comfort in each other and it’s just beautiful shot and beautifully acted. There’s no dialogue, there’s no need. It’s just two people connecting and finding a safe place to land within each other.

Though, I also love the Kiss Test (Look At The Princess, Part 3: The Maltese Crichton), where they take a substance and kiss to test their genetic compatibility and man, their faces afterwards. GOLD.



TV MEME: Day 20 – Favorite kiss

TV MEME: Day 19 – Best t.v show cast

Oooh. Ooof. Like in terms of behind the scenes camaraderie or talent? Behind the scene camaraderie is difficult because people can change and often do, especially when working together and at times living in each other’s pockets. It can either strengthen or break friendships and relationships.  In this day and age with social media casts try to keep and sometimes pump up that camaraderie for the cameras, but personally, I think it can be obvious when it’s not as genuine. The CW is very good about pushing cast camaraderie forward as part of the marketing, though a lot of shows do it. As for talent, well not all shows are even in terms of talent, but generally it’s easy to see when a cast is good.

First, I have to make clear. I don’t care if a cast gets along perfectly. As long as you do good work and do justice to your characters, I could care less if you’re friends off screen. It’s a nice bonus, for sure, for fandom and for the show’s social media presence. But not everyone in the world is going to get along. Just as long as you’re respectful and professional I’m cool. (Now, if your fellow cast member is a racist, sexist, homophobic asshole please feel free to drag them to filth.)

I think that, for me, right now, I love the Lucifer cast. They appear to have fun together, get along, and do a great job in the show. The Game of Thrones cast also seem to still (after seven years) really enjoy working together and while the whole cast isn’t as equally talented you have to give it up to them for having Lena Headey, Peter Dinklage, Michelle Fairley, Charles Dance, Maisie William, Iwan Rhoen, Sophie Turner, Carice van Houten, Liam Cunningham, and a few other actors who really make solid performance out of mediocre writing, especially in the last few years. Oh, and yeah, Battlestar Galactica! Man they had a good cast too.

And you know what, I think nostalgia is making me lean towards Battlestar Galactica for this one. They were a great cast, who did very good work, sometimes even amazing work, and were a cast that seemed to genuinely enjoy working together, a nice bonus all around. Also they have one of the greatest promo shots ever which I’m gonna use right now. Because I’m totally not shallow. (Thank god this question was “best tv cast” and not favourite though, lol. ;p)


TV MEME: Day 19 – Best t.v show cast

TV MEME: Day 18 – Favorite title sequence

Ooh, a fun one. I think I have to with Lost‘s. LMAO, I’m joking and if you don’t get why that’s funny I’m gonna link you to Lost‘s title sequence.

God, I did love the show, but it also really began the trend of only having a “title sequence” that was just a title card of the name that lasted well into the 2010s. Before that shows had very cheesy or fun or cool or all three title sequences. Before the early 2000s and Lost‘s influence show’s title sequences were defined by alt rock and fun music in the title sequences with character/actors credits like Fullhouse, Charmed, Friends, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to name some classics. Some songs became forever titled to the title sequences of the shows they were used for like Dawson’s Creek, Roswell and Smallville. Shows on cable like HBO and Showtime would sometimes would have short, more artsy title sequences that more like metaphors or quick representations of the show’s like Sex and The City and Six Feet Under. After Lost a lot of network tv cut title sequences for minimal title cards. One I remember that minimised itself was Grey’s Anatomy’s title sequence that changed from this to just the title card you see.

So the way shows depict their title sequences can change for several reasons like trends and show growth — Supernatural’s title sequence has evolved over the years in that it’s still just a title card but they’ve added and changed the effects behind the show’s title to fit the theme of the season, Jane the Virgin has changed it’s title card from having Jane the Virgin over a freeze framed clip of Jane doing sometime to, well, it’s still a freeze frame of Jane doing something but now that she’s SPOILERS no longer a virgin they’ve got into the habit of striking out the “virgin” part of the title card and filling it with her emotional theme in the episode. That kind of fourth wall breaking works for JTV because the show consistently breaks the fourth wall.

This fun mini history of title sequences aside, let’s get to the question and I had a think about it, because there are some classic title sequences I will never forget, most of them mentioned above actually, because they’ve become iconic. Other’s I thought about because they are beautiful (Game of Throne‘s, Marco Polo‘s, Black Sails‘, True Blood‘s) and I’m a sucker for aesthetics.

In the end I didn’t know which side I was going to fall on, but I kept coming back to one I just think is not only wonderfully made, has iconic music to it, and is actually surprisingly informative of what will happen in the episode (the locations change depending on where we will be visiting).

my runner ups:

TV MEME: Day 18 – Favorite title sequence

TV MEME: Day 17 – Favorite mini series

It’s been a while! I know, if you’ve missed this I’m sorry, if you haven’t well, you haven’t. Rude. But let’s get back to it and it’s a fairly easy answer. [insert comment here that with the way that Netflix works nowaday you can argue there’s a lot more things that technically qualify as mini series but I personally don’t feel the Netflix shows that air at once count.]

I had two options that immediately thought about when this day came up.

Taken (2002) and V (1983), both scifi minis. It’s like I have a favourite genre. My pick, even though I love both, is

V: The Original Miniseries (1983) which leads into V: The Final Battle (1984). Each is a separate mini, but should be watched together. 


Now, they had a follow up one season tv series in ’84, but I’m gonna talk solely about the mini series. I got super into this right before the 2009 remake series came out. I heard the series was happening, the 2009, and then heard it was based on a 1980 mini and I felt like hey, why not, let’s watch, and it was so good. It’s genuinely great tv and great scifi. So the premise is simple and if you’ve watched the 2009 version, you know. Aliens come to Earth, they seem nice and helpful. They are not. Spoilers: THEY ARE SPACE LIZARDS AND THEY’RE COMING FOR US.

However, what the mini did was great with the premise. The writing was tight, the characters were great, the allusions to fascism, were not necessarily subtle but were well done. It was incredibly layered and complex, showing characters who because they benefited from what the aliens were pushing they turned a blind eye to the people who suffered under Visitor’s rule. The surprisingly diverse, for it’s time, let’s be honest, cast was spread in a wide array of characters and they all had full arcs and backstories that all tied together to push this story forward. There’s some 80s standards cheesiness in scenes, but in general the acting is pretty great and the inter connections between the characters, especially in the resistance movement is incredibly good. And it doesn’t make it a simple aliens bad, humans good. It showcases groups of Visitors who don’t agree with their race’s way of doing things. It showcases human who let other humans suffer for the sake of their own prosperity. The subplots with the main plot help prop up the plot and make it richer which is what subplots should do and I think a lot of tv forgets that sometimes.

It’s really such good series, but probably a bit hard to get.

An easier scifi mini to watch is Taken (2002), which is a story that spans generations about three families and their journey in trying to find the truth about aliens and how aliens have impacted their family development, in both good and bad way. It’s pretty solid mini that begins during the Roswell crash and spans out from there. I love the story and how it develops and how it moves through the decades showing us how things develop for better or worse with all these families.


TV MEME: Day 17 – Favorite mini series