TV MEME: Day 10 – A show (or two!) you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving

I feel I keep answering these questions, with IDK~ but really sometimes it’s hard to pick out things like this. It’s been years since I’ve watched tv “normally”. I stream almost everything, download everything else, and by now I know my favourite genres so I lean towards them. Everything else is by word of mouth from friends whose opinions I trust and who know what I like. Sometimes they will surprise and I’ll give a show I hadn’t considered before a shot.

The one that first came to mind was The Last Ship. It was a military show, post apocalyptic lite, and… I had never heard of it. I don’t live in the States, I rely on the internet to tell me things. A friend, and one of my favourite people to talk tv and films, casually made a post about the show and sold it to me in the best way possible: it’s like a scifi show on the ocean! SCIFI AND THE OCEAN? Two of my favourite things? Recommended by my tv brain twin? I was gonna check this out and I ended up loving it!


Now, The Last Ship. Full disclosure, I didn’t love or like or finish it’s latest season, but the first two seasons where amazing to me. It gave me a lot of what I love in media. A found family of people trying to make the world better, in this case save it. It’s premise is a bit Contagion meets World War Z only no zombies, on a ship. In the middle of the ocean (space!). And my friend was right! Which I never doubted. It’s set up very much like a show on a space ship, complete with space battles, but it’s on the ocean, which allows for that isolationist feel of people on a spaceship being forced to interact with each other allowing for very interesting character interactions at times. It also gave me a great, wonderful lead in Dr. Rachel Scott. Who is easily in my top 20 favourite female characters. She was amazing, she was brilliant, she worked her ass off to save the world, and she was kind, compassionate, and a little be reckless. I loved so much, I could cry right now. The rest of the cast, namely the crew of the Nathan James were so good! A crew of highly competent Navy officers, who are so good at the jobs, you can completely believe that they can save the world. I could say many great things about a lot of them.

Another show I thought I’d like but didn’t realise I’d LOVE was Black Sails. 


What can I say about this show except I NEVER EXPECTED IT. I never expected to love it as much as I do now. I remember when it first was coming out and it pinged my interest because it looked to have a WLW ship. But I never followed it up. Just didn’t seem it’d be my overall thing. Little did I know!!!! I devoured this show. I started it last year during my month of dissertation hell as a way to wind down and a week in I was pretty much done with all three of the current airing season. This show is fantastic. It has amazing characters, good LGBT+ representation, a solidly diverse cast (more so in season three), and layered storytelling. It starts off with the selling point of: PIRATES! IN! THE! CARIBBEAN! You loved the movies, get ready to love the the backstory of how the main pirates of the classic tale of Treasure Island plus bonus real life pirates during the height of piracy in Nassau. From that it build incredibly intricate relationship and complicated characters who live and shape this world. I don’t want to give it away but even if not all the character decisions and developments make you happy, they all make sense (to a certain extent) and they all make these characters incredibly engaging to watch. FYI, Toby Stephens deserves an Emmy for his portrayal of James Flint. That’s all I’m going to say.

Watch these shows! Fun fact about both of them? Michael Bay productions. Who would have thought old Mike would give me two shows I’d love. Granted, I think Black Sails fared better in the long run, because he just gave them money and let them do their thing, while in The Last Ship he might had more input because season three was very Bay-ish and I didn’t care for it.


TV MEME: Day 10 – A show (or two!) you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving