TV MEME: Day 09 – Best scene ever

Well, this one was hard as hell.

I kept trying to think of my favourite shows, my favourite episodes within these show, the best scenes within those episode, but shows don’t really work that way. After all, the best scene ever could be buried in a terrible episode of great show, or a great episode of a terrible show. Who knows!

Then there’s the classic best scenes ever that you’ll see on countdowns, tv lists, and those are overall amazing and even great scenes, but to each his own and what not.

For me the best scene ever was a hard pick, I went through all the shows I could think of, and just in general key moments in shows that struck me, and I came to final decision as I typed this post, but first, I’m gonna tell you about the other scenes that made the cut. In no particular order, these were scenes that I loved for varying reasons.

  1. LOST – The Constant. Penny and Desmond’s phone call. A classic, a masterpiece, it makes me fucking cry. It’s a beautiful scene about hope, perseverance, belief,  love, the Christmas fucking spirit, and genuinely it’s one of the purest, most impacting moments in the show.
  2. The West Wing – The Stackhouse Filibuster. Will the Senator yield for a question?” Again, and incredibly emotional and powerful scene about a lot of the same thing stated above: perseverance, belief, support, and the power of grandfathers.
  3. Doctor Who – Vincent Van and the Doctor. Vincent Van Gogh visits the gallery. Now, while I’ve watched a good chunk of new Who I’m not an overall fan of the show and rarely stick with it for full seasons, I tried my best in season five, when it was reaching it’s height of social media presence and popularity, but I’m not the person to go to if you want to talk Who. However this episode is considered one of the best of series five, and possible of all the new Who episodes, and with good reason. It’s an incredibly beautiful and heartfelt episode that deals with mental illness, depression, passion, pain, art, wonderment, hope. And it all culminates in this final scene of the Doctor taking Vincent Van Gogh to the future and showing him a gallery at the Musée d’Orsay.

And now my pick for one of the best scenes ever.


Buffy – Becoming Part 2. Me. Look for twelve, maybe thirteen year old Ari, Buffy was already doing a lot things for my emotions and all Joss’s faux feminism fuckery aside, he really did give us an iconic show with a great female lead character. This moment is amazing and great because the whole episode everything has been apart around Buffy, the love of her life has lost his soul and wants to end the world, and all that stands between him and victory is Buffy herself. The sword fight is great, but that moment where Angelus seems to have her beat, and until this moment Buffy has been struggling with a lot of the consequences of Angelus’ actions towards her: she’s been kicked out of her house, her friends are hurt or dead, and the world is end. She feels beaten, she feels hopeless, but in that final moment where Angelus thinks he’s won, Buffy remembers that she’s not beaten, he’s not broken, she still stands. Alone, but strong and she keeps fighting. For baby feminist in the making Ari this scene was so important and amazing to watch. (Annoying the clip below is in Italian as I couldn’t find it in English, ofc.)

TV MEME: Day 09 – Best scene ever