365: 8 – LOST

1. A picture/meme relating to that fandom in some way.

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 19.57.53


2. Name of book/movie/TV show.

3. Favorite “good” character. Why?
Juliet Burke. She’s easily one of the more complex and complicated characters on the show. Everything about her life on the island was about getting off it and getting back to a world she knew and loved, and she’d do almost anything to achieve that. Except, Juliet cares about people and that wins sometimes. Being on the island taught her to be harder and stronger, but it never diminished her kindness. If John Locke has the most tragic story — never getting back to the place he felt the most at home — Juliet has the second: staying in a place that has essentially trapped her because she wants to help others in the same place.

4. Favourite “bad” character.
Uh. Henry Gale Ben Linus. Look, he’s a terrible person and an incredibly interesting but he’s NO GOOD.

5. Favourite book/movie/episode.
Split between “Not in Portland” and “Jughead”.

6. On a scale of ZZZ to Haven’t Slept In Weeks ‘Cause Tumblr & FanFiction & Everything, how obsessed are you with this fandom?
during and post season 5 I LIVED AND BREATHED IT.

7. Favourite Quote. (Optional. Only for the extra-professional fan-person.)

“It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.” – Jacob

365: 8 – LOST

Day 30 – Saddest character death

Juliet Burke!!! From Lost, in case you wondered.

I fucking mourned. That summer after The Incident was one of the most productive and engaging fannishly for me. I still have friends from that time. This death bonded us together forever. I loved Juliet so much, she was easily my favourite character on the show and while I expected the s5 finale to be gut wrenching watch her get pulled down and away from Sawyer and Kate, watching her detonate the warhead was hurt me so much.

Juliet went out a hero, she also created the very problem that would one day bring her to the Island, in true Lost fashion. This is secretly my favourite thing about her death. But the lead up to her final moments (though she comes back in season 6 in the Sideways verse) were so bittersweet, because they, she and Sawyer, had an out, they almost left. The almost made it off the Island, but they went to help others, to save the other, and a moment of uncertainty further propelled Juliet’s actions. She didn’t actually sacrifice herself, but she saw the moment where it was going to be her life, or she’d pulled Sawyer down with her and she chose to save him. Then after she chose to try to save everyone. An action that had unplanned consequences, one that would bring her to the Island later, but would also cause for Desmond’s future time  in the Hatch, that would cause the flight to come on the Island in a moment where Desmond misses pushing the button. Juliet death drove, in retrospect, a lot of the plot forward, before she even came on the Island. (Time travel man!)

But also, it was a death that just hurt, because she was so good. She was complicated and sometimes morally grey, but she was so good. I loved her a lot, and her character arc on the show was one of my favourites so to watch her go, to watch her and Sawyer say goodbye to each other was so painful.

It broke my heart for a good long time. JOIN ME IN SOME BRAND NEW TEARS.

Day 30 – Saddest character death

TV MEME: Day 22 – Favorite series finale

I feel I always give double answers to these questions, but, well I don’t really care, but also it’s because my thought process starts outs answering the question but I gotta give y’all context (all I dunno, ten of you, I’m rounding up) of how I got there. Also I’m always at war with the objective vs subjective part of me, because I know what my answers for both are. I could just be objective or I could be subjective, and I think I should just be subjective for all of these, but hey, this is my silly blog. I do what I want.

So I was really thinking about this for a couple days because it’s a pretty epic question. Series finale. Favourite. These are the things that can define a show. My first thought was the Lost finale. It was so iconic. I woke up at 5am UK time to catch it with the rest of the world because television did something they never have done before for a show, as far as I know, and aired it at the same time worldwide.

I had an off/on relationship with the show on the whole for various reasons, but the finale will always stand out to me. I know it’s an incredibly polarising finale, most finales are, but I personally loved it. I think it did the show right. It gave the characters the ending they deserved whether you agreed with them or not. Lost was always about the characters and the mystery that surrounded them, the connections that defined them, so that it ended highlighting all the connections they had built on the Island while keeping part of the mystery going in its own way was okay with me.

I’ll never forget what it felt like to Juliet and Sawyer meet at the vending machine (my heart swelled), how it felt to watch Vincent lie down next to Jack (tears fell), to watch Desmond and Penny live happily ever after (pure joy!), watch Ben talk to Hurley about it was still not his time to join them inside (bittersweet understanding). In the end for all the mystery of what the Island was (weird, magical, and real) or wasn’t (not purgatory!) and what Sideways verse was (a limbo of sorts), the point was: they were places that made it so these people could meet each other and define each other’s lives by the experiences they all shared. It was an incredibly emotional finale. I’m telling you, TEARS WERE SHED. And in many ways it is a favourite, but it’s not The Favourite.

My favourite finale is the Ugly Betty one. It’s a beautifully done finale in a completely different way than the Lost one was done. Like Lost’s it allowed the show truly end on its own terms and highlight the theme of the show: how the world around Betty viewed her.

Ugly Betty was never about the fact Betty was ugly. It was about how because she didn’t conform to what was expected of her the world view her as ugly, or more to the point, unappealing, but that didn’t matter to her and she never wavered from who she was. IN a show with “ugly” in the title you expect a story about a character finding their inner beauty and it eventually transforming into outer beauty. Not here. Betty never got a “makeover” like you expected. She became a little more put together, yes, styled her hair a bit better, got new glasses, go her braces off, and in sum grew up a bit. None of these were big changes or were they framed as big changes on the show. They happened organically as they do in life.

By the end she was still as optimistic as ever, determined as ever, still wore mismatched clothes albeit a bit better styled, was unwaveringly kind and supportive, still made “unappealing” choices, but she preserved. She didn’t compromise her morals and eventually people respected her. She changed the way people thought of her not herself for them. The world around her was ugly, the irony she worked for a fashion company should not be dismissed, and it projected itself on her because she was very unlike them. What they viewed as “ugly/unappealing” she viewed as lovely, good, and beautiful. So when the end credits role and the usual “Ugly Betty” becomes “Betty” is a beautiful moment because it’s showcasing how she’s changed the world around her. Betty dismantled the misconceptions about her because of how she dressed and acted and the epithet people described her by is no longer valid. She’s not a description. She’s a person, she always was, the world around her just needed to catch up and drop it’s concept of what was beautiful or not. Betty’s whole journey and the show’s journey was about driving that home. Because the show loved Betty and it wanted you to look at the word ugly and not see it.

and the Lost finale in case anyone wants to cry (I teared up already):

TV MEME: Day 22 – Favorite series finale

TV MEME: Day 12 – An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times

It’s like this meme doesn’t know me.

I’m a consummate re-watcher and binge watcher. I love rewatching my favourite shows or seasons often. It’s a comfort thing. It’s a learning thing. And back when I lived with terrible internet I would have to very carefully curate my tv watching so as I was downloading a new episode I’d watched the previous one, or two, or depending on the day, three. When I lived with no internet I’d buy boxsets and just go. Now with streaming services you can quickly jump into your favourite moment in a show/season and go forth or back.

I’ve easily watched all of Friends, a show I don’t love, but my brother does at least five times. Same for Avatar: The Last Airbender. That one was super easy, especially with the shorter episodes length. I think I looped the series for a month straight. And that goes for almost all my favourite animes: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, etc. I’ve watched all of Charmed roughly three/four times, so not quite five but it’s a long ass show. The year I lived abroad with only a DVD player, the box set to Sex and the City my mother bought on a visit would also be looped frequently when Italian TV got boring. When I used to screencap more regularly I can’t even talk about how often I’d watch an episode.

It’s very easy to rewatch shows and episodes in this day and age and especially if you are in fandom a lot. When I asked my brother to help me with this question he laughed in my face, is what I’m getting at.

So yeah I’ve definitely watched The Rashomon Job (Leverage) more than five time but also Jose Chung Is From Outer Space (The X-Files), Prometheus Unbound (SG-1), The Choice (Farscape), The Constant (Lost), Ariel (Firefly), Hush (BTVS), Downloaded (BSG), Blackwater (Game of Thrones), The Painted Lady (Avatar: The Last Airbender) about the same or more times. Then kept watching the rest of the series.

Now, if this meme had said “ten times” I would have had a longer think. (Would probably something from Friends. What can I say my brother really liked watching it. A lot. A lot.)

Instead what I’m gonna tell you is an episode you should watch more than five times:

“Hope”, Black-ish. This was such a powerful episode to watch especially in the current U.S. political climate. Here’s a snippet and honestly this episode was so impacting and amazing to watch. I sat and watched and could feel my heart in my chest. The cast was phenomenal, the story poignant, the writing and acting heartbreaking in the best way. Definitely an episode to watch, think about, then watch again. Here’s a snippet:

And because I love a good list, here’s four more episodes that I feel are amazing to watch and rewatch.

  • “Pilot”, Lost. This was one of the most impacting pilots of that television season and one of the most visually stunning and amazingly shot series pilots I’ve ever seen. It feels like a movie. I still love it.
  • “San Junipero”, Black Mirror.  This is not a happy go lucky series and a lot of the episodes are stories about the darker aspects of technology and how let it manipulate and control our lives, but this episode was so beautiful and caring and hopeful. It’s an episode about love and second chances, and just beautiful to watch.
  • “Middle Ground”, The Wire. Talk about AN EPISODE where everything happens. It’s such an intense ride from beginning to end and what and end it was.
  • “In or Out”, Ugly Betty. This is such a lovely episode that really stabilizes and grounds the shows in what made it best, the relationships between all these people, but especially the relationship between Betty and Daniel. The bridge scene remains a favourite forever.
TV MEME: Day 12 – An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times

TV MEME: Day 09 – Best scene ever

Well, this one was hard as hell.

I kept trying to think of my favourite shows, my favourite episodes within these show, the best scenes within those episode, but shows don’t really work that way. After all, the best scene ever could be buried in a terrible episode of great show, or a great episode of a terrible show. Who knows!

Then there’s the classic best scenes ever that you’ll see on countdowns, tv lists, and those are overall amazing and even great scenes, but to each his own and what not.

For me the best scene ever was a hard pick, I went through all the shows I could think of, and just in general key moments in shows that struck me, and I came to final decision as I typed this post, but first, I’m gonna tell you about the other scenes that made the cut. In no particular order, these were scenes that I loved for varying reasons.

  1. LOST – The Constant. Penny and Desmond’s phone call. A classic, a masterpiece, it makes me fucking cry. It’s a beautiful scene about hope, perseverance, belief,  love, the Christmas fucking spirit, and genuinely it’s one of the purest, most impacting moments in the show.
  2. The West Wing – The Stackhouse Filibuster. Will the Senator yield for a question?” Again, and incredibly emotional and powerful scene about a lot of the same thing stated above: perseverance, belief, support, and the power of grandfathers.
  3. Doctor Who – Vincent Van and the Doctor. Vincent Van Gogh visits the gallery. Now, while I’ve watched a good chunk of new Who I’m not an overall fan of the show and rarely stick with it for full seasons, I tried my best in season five, when it was reaching it’s height of social media presence and popularity, but I’m not the person to go to if you want to talk Who. However this episode is considered one of the best of series five, and possible of all the new Who episodes, and with good reason. It’s an incredibly beautiful and heartfelt episode that deals with mental illness, depression, passion, pain, art, wonderment, hope. And it all culminates in this final scene of the Doctor taking Vincent Van Gogh to the future and showing him a gallery at the Musée d’Orsay.

And now my pick for one of the best scenes ever.


Buffy – Becoming Part 2. Me. Look for twelve, maybe thirteen year old Ari, Buffy was already doing a lot things for my emotions and all Joss’s faux feminism fuckery aside, he really did give us an iconic show with a great female lead character. This moment is amazing and great because the whole episode everything has been apart around Buffy, the love of her life has lost his soul and wants to end the world, and all that stands between him and victory is Buffy herself. The sword fight is great, but that moment where Angelus seems to have her beat, and until this moment Buffy has been struggling with a lot of the consequences of Angelus’ actions towards her: she’s been kicked out of her house, her friends are hurt or dead, and the world is end. She feels beaten, she feels hopeless, but in that final moment where Angelus thinks he’s won, Buffy remembers that she’s not beaten, he’s not broken, she still stands. Alone, but strong and she keeps fighting. For baby feminist in the making Ari this scene was so important and amazing to watch. (Annoying the clip below is in Italian as I couldn’t find it in English, ofc.)

TV MEME: Day 09 – Best scene ever